About RAM

Thank you for considering RAM products and services.  Our goal is to provide the best combination of equipment, technology and service, so that you can forget about your field equipment monitoring challenges and focus on other parts of your business.  Consider these top features and benefits that lead the industry.

We take the “complicated” out of remote monitoring

You should not need to determine the best components to select and how to connect them, and make them all work together.   RAM has fully integrated TURNKEY solutions that bring together pump management, tank management, battery and charge management, alarm and location management in a simple to use package.


We can provide SCADA interfaces, but most problems already have much simpler, reliable solutions that we can make available at very affordable prices.  We already have the perfected solutions that have been tested over time in numerous application environments and that can be brought to you at a fraction the cost to develop in-house solutions.

Ultimate Connectivity

RAM technology is compatible with a wide array of basic functions, including: Digital Inputs, Analog (adc) Inputs, Output Control, Alarm Setpoints, Temperature Sensing with Control and Alarms, Voltage Sensing, GPS-Location Based Services, Battery Power, Real Time Clock Functions.

Inmarsat Satellite Ready

RAM can also provide service over the INMARSAT satellite network, using geo stationary satellites that have minimal latency.   INMARSAT currently operates 11 satellites in geosynchronous orbit.

It's Orange

A waterproof, durable case houses the RAM logic controllerand 1800 mAh lithium-ion standby battery. Also on-board: GSM or 3G Cellular, GPS, RS232, RS485, USB, Satellite terminal support, ADC’s, digital I/O, built in antennas, and output switching relays.

Info at Your Fingertips

All the data in the world isn’t useful if you can’t access it when you want it or need it. RAM has existing apps you can utilize on desktop or via mobile to connect with your field equipment. We can also develop custom apps for any purpose you may require.

Choose Your Language

RAM equipment has a unique ability to communicate over a GSM or 3G data channel to our servers that provide users with direct access over the internet. It can communicate in both directions using SMS text messages to individual cell phones without the need of a central server.

Punishment Certified

Cold, Heat, Wind, Rain, Snow, Ice. Our equipment has seen it all and works continually in any conditions. In addition to extreme weather RAM equipment is shock and vibration resistant. So turn on the weather machine. RAM keeps on working.

Local Area Communication

RAM’s highly flexible platform has the ability to communicate between different products in our lineup. Our application firmware offers over 300 system commands for performing, monitoring and reporting of almost any process or event.

Powerful Logic Controller

Reap the cost benefits and peace of mind of being able to fully manage your equipment remotely and autonomously.  The RAM solution allows you to set up the unit to adjust the physical control parameters of your solar chemical pump, such as: Pumping rates, delivery schedules valve sequences, alarms and unit on/off controls.

Industrial Smart Phone

RAM offers a complete remote monitoring, control and tracking solution on a footprint a little larger than that of a smart phone. In fact we nick-named it “the Industrial smart-phone” because it comes standard with Cellular, satellite, GPS and PLC support. OTAP (over the air provisioning) is available for technical support and upgrades on our 3G devices.
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