Improve Pump Performance

Expand the Capabilities of Solar Chemical Injection Pumps.

Many oilfield chemical injection applications have very low daily injection rates that require the use of small capacity chemical injection pumps. Some locations require less than a gallon of chemical per day. Accurate control of most chemical pumps at lower injection rates can be a significant and costly problem, especially with solar powered chemical pumps. Over – injection within the course of several months can lead to unnecessary use of excessive amounts of chemicals and serious overages on chemical budgets.


A RAM PCS chemical pump controller can drive a solar powered chemical pump much more accurately than simple on/off timers. It is high precision local pump controller that uses advanced STROKE COUNTING and motor CURRENT SENSING (patent pending). Additionally, RAM pump controllers with their STROKE BASED DELIVERY system operate with a nearly 0% delivery error, regardless of the pump motor speed or well pressure.

In addition, since this controller counts pumps strokes, the operating range of a larger capacity chemical pump can be greatly expanded—meaning it can be used for accurately delivering lower daily injection volumes.


  1. The RAM PCS pump controllers offer unprecedented delivery, accuracy and resolution down to 0.01 QPD.

  2. Controls single or double head pumps.

  3. Enables the use of higher capacity pumps in lower volume applications.

  4. Installation is easy for new installations or retrofits.

  5. Built in RS232, RS485 and SCADA ready.