Intelligent Control Systems

Remote Monitoring and Control of Water Flood Chemical Additives.

Water flood systems by nature typically require high injection rates of various chemical additives such as polymers, surfactants, biocides, hydrogen sulfide scavengers, scale inhibitors, and oxygen scavengers. Typical chemical injection systems are usually just installed, set to a specific injection rate, and left to run with no type of monitoring program, other than an operator performing a visual inspection whenever they physically go to the site. Interruption of chemical injection due to a chemical pump failure or a simple empty tank can result in serious operational problems and loss of revenue for a chemical supplier.


A RAM IPS2000 Controller can automate injection of chemicals into water flood systems or any other chemical injection application. Used in combination with your current chemical injection system, it can also monitor chemical injection rates, tank levels, pump power systems, overall system health and operation, all remotely.

Complete TURNKEY monitoring and control for any chemical pump delivery system designed for DC solar pump battery and security.  Delivers reports to any cell phone directly over our web based HMI.

In the field, our devices replace intensive monitoring by human operators that must otherwise check field locations on a daily or weekly basis. The constant 24 hour monitoring by the RAM IPC2000 insures the correct amount of chemical additives get injected into water flood systems every day without fail. It also prevents run outs, and gives instant notification of pump or piping failures.

System performance can be monitored on our website or on any smart phone or smart device. Chemical injection rates can be changed and alarms acknowledged automatically through the same interface. CLICK HERE for details on data management.


  • The RAM IPC2000 insures that chemicals actually get injected into the process as the
    specified rate by measuring both pump stroke and tank levels.
  • The system automatically alerts operators when alarm conditions occur.
  • Injection systems can be monitored “by exception” rather than requiring regular daily or
    weekly onsite checks.
  • Operational efficiency is increased.
  • Water flood quality is maintained and formation integrity is preserved.
  • A tamper alert is available to provide notification in the event of unauthorized access or
    theft of the hardware.
  • System locations can be displayed on a map for easy identification.