Data Management

Facility Details Instantly.

All the information in the world isn’t helpful if you can’t access it in an easy to understand method.  RAM provides an intuitive interface that is instantly recognizable and quick to grasp.  See all the information you want or need on your desktop or mobile device.

Tabulated dashboard views and cell phone text reports are at your fingertips.
Asset Description

asset description
ALARMs give audible and flashing warnings for out of range performance values, critical equipment status changes, environmental and security abnormalities.

Tank Remaining

tank remaining
A picture is worth 1000 words. See instant tank levels and how they are dispersed over a set course of time. You can easily see any abnormalities so action can be taken immediately.

Previous 24 Hour Tank Drawprev24hrs

See trend chart comparisons of daily tank draw versus pump delivery. Pinpoint problem areas quickly. This chart can reveal problems with pump checkvalves, leaks or pilferage.

External Battery

Watch the daily solar battery condition and performance. Our battery trend information show the present battery voltage, daily high and daily load minimums. This tells you exactly what the state of the battery is, and when it needs to be replaced. It also shows changes in pump and solar panel performance.


The temperature trends chart gives an early warning to changing enviornmental conditions and pending need for methanol treatment.


Easily connect with your remote locations via the interactive mapping system.  Click on a location icon and view data related to that installation.


Multiple chart views provide easily understandable data which can be used to manage your equipment and maintenance.  Use the charts to present to others when planning and setting budgets.


Away from your desktop.  Don’t worry.  Your equipment data is always readily available on your mobile device via the RAM app.