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Automatic Backup Chemical Injection is Vital for Critical Applications.

In critical production chemical applications, a solar chemical pump failure can have serious effects on production processes. Depending on the application, a chemical pump failure can cause a shut in situation or even an out of compliance event. Imagine the losses your company would experience if a pump in the field should fail.  Not only days of productivity are lost but significant dollars as well.


A RAM IPS2000 Controller can automate injection of chemicals into critical production
applications. Used in combination with your current chemical injection system, it can also monitor chemical injection rates, tank levels, pump power systems, automatically switch over to a secondary backup chemical pump, and monitor overall system health and operation; all remotely.

This can be done via cellular or satellite communication systems.

In the field, our devices replace intensive monitoring by human operators that must otherwise check field locations on a daily or weekly basis. The constant 24 hour monitoring by the RAM ACC2000 insures the correct amount of chemical is injected; and in the event of a pump failure, a backup chemical pump can be automatically switched on to maintain the proper chemical injection. It also prevents run outs, and gives instant notification of pump or piping failures.

System performance can be monitored on our website or on any smart phone or smart device. Chemical injection rates can be changed and alarms acknowledged automatically through the same interface. CLICK HERE for details on data management.