Stroke Based Delivery

As chemical and liquids increase in cost over the years the desire to maximize every penny in cost savings continues to grow.  RAM has worked to develop an improved method of liquid injection control that actually increases the efficiency of remote pump operations.

Stroke Based Delivery reduces overdosing or underdosing which can damage equipment as well as wasting valuable resources.

Solar powered pump timers and controllers depend on the sun for a stable power supply.  Changes in the battery supply voltage due to sun availability can result in large variations in pump speed fluctuations and resulting delivery rate.

Timer based delivery devices are extremely susceptible to the variable pump speeds which can result in more than 40% chemical delivery error over a 24 hour period due to these fluctuations.
That is a likely error of almost half of the delivery volume that was dialed up.

STroke vs Timer dleivery curves

The chart above shows a popular pump brand controlled by a conventional pump timer (yellow, magenta, blue) working against various well pressures versus a RAM Stroke Counting Controller (orange) under similar conditions.

RAM controllers with their STROKE BASED DELIVERY system operate with a nearly 0% delivery error (view the orange line on the adjacent graph) regardless of the pump motor speed or well pressure.

The resulting savings in chemicals used and dosing efficiencies make RAM controllers a vastly superior tool for any chemical treatment program.

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RAM hardware features the latest technology and construction.  Our units are highly durable and reliable.