Tank Management

Keeping tabs on proper tank levels, where ever they may be, is critical to uninterrupted business activity.  No matter whether your tanks hold oil, water or any liquid, RAM can set up a monitoring system to track levels and activity.  RAM’s tank monitoring hardware and software combines to deliver a comprehensive and accurate assessment of tank levels and includes a series of alarms you can set when levels reach a problematic state.

Function: Measures tank level for multiple tanks, provides GPS location of tanks, drives inventory and control system.

RAM’s LT-8 is a tank-sensor system that consists of a RAM 3G Hub controller, which provides
connection over the cellular network to RAM’s FLEET HMI server, and up to 8 individual RAM
wireless tank sensors that are fixed to each tank. The RAM LT-8 can be purchased as a basic singletank
system and then at any time, it can be expanded by adding more sensors.

– Low cost four-tank wired system
– Expandable to 8 tanks per controller with WiTank
– Feeds inventory database through HMI
– WiTANK C1 D1 explosion-proof wireless sensors coming soon

RAM’s Tank Management systems are part of a complete remote monitoring solution for your company.

Avoid running dry or last minute emergency refills and the cost and stress that go with them.   Our remote monitoring data streams provide alerts and information that prevent this kind of trouble.

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